Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Brother

So, I'm in the kitchen making pancakes yesterday (at the crack of dawn I might add... because that's when Tucker gets up) and this is what Tucker is busy doing...

Rylan didn't seem to mind.  Not that I'm surprised though. She also didn't mind when he sat on her back and yelled "Yaw, giddy-up horsey" or when he used her as a step stool to get on the couch. 

We're working on the whole "Brothers are supposed to protect their sisters" thing.  Hopefully it will sink in before he does some serious damage.  Until then... he can't be left alone with her!

Everyday a Sunday

Can we please just play outside all the time!?  Wouldn't it be nice if life was just a continuous cycle of Sunday afternoons?  Where we could just relax and enjoy playing together?  No stress, no responsibilities... just moments of pure joy, love and laughter. 

I pray that we'll always find the time (and energy) to play together, to explore together, to just plain love life together!

Moments like these bring me pure joy and remind me to count my many blessings. 
See what God has done!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Panic Attack

You gotta love Tucker.  That boy will talk to ANYONE.  He high fives and makes out with complete strangers (wait til you hear that story), but I can't get mad at him because he puts a huge smile on everyone's face that he comes in contact with.  The boy fears nothing and NO ONE.  All that being said, I can't take him to a public place without worrying that he's going to disappear.  I wouldn't say that he wanders off... because he's intentional about where he's going.  If he sees something or someone that's interesting, he's gone.  I don't want to be one of those neurotic moms with her kids on a leash but after my near panic attack at the pumpkin patch this year, it may come to that. 

The Pumpkin Patch.... hmmm. To sum it all up... Reese was uncooperative, Tucker was gone every time I turned around, and this random boy in a Karate Kid skeleton costume somehow ended up in half our photos. Good times.  Thanks to photoshop though, there were a few blog-worthy prints...

Amber, Nick and Easton went with us this year so we got some cute shots of their family too. 

Baby Connor brought is parents too...

This picture makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD.  

Grandpa and Grandma joined in the fun this year too....

LOVE this face... Easton is a hoot!

Children of the Corn? And Grandpa too.

 Look at these crazy kids... love that Amber and Nick have so much fun together.

My sweet little pumpkin.

Every year, I question why I torture myself... and then I look at the picture and decide it was worth it. The kids will look at these pictures one day and "remember" all the "fun" we had. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sand in Unwanted Places

While we were in Houston, we threw Grammy and Grandpa a little retirement party at Clay's... a family favorite.  While the adults visit, the kids get to feed the animals, ride the ponies and play in the ginormous sand box. 

 The kids are so excited about getting horses of our own.  Wonder if they'll be so excited when they're up at the crack of dawn feeding them before school starts??

 Tucker loves animals... he's going to fit right in on the farm. 

That girl Reese could have spent all day in the sand box.  Have I mentioned how much I hate sand boxes?  Not sure why, but they totally gross me out.  Not Reese though... Miss Priss didn't mind all the sweat and sand.  

All the fam there to celebrate with Grammy and Grandpa.  The Fort Worth crew is excited to see them move to the lake!  

5 Little Monkeys

With Grammy and Grandpa moving to Granbury, we had to enjoy one last fun weekend in their infamous backyard.  Lots of swinging, swimming, bubble-blowing and bouncing happened in this backyard.  Love to see all the cousins playing together...

 Lots of laughing too...

 Simon Says is pretty much the only way to get all five of them to do the same thing at the same time.

I love how they pick up right where they left off each time they see each other.  It doesn't matter how many weeks its been... they act like it was just yesterday. LOVE that!  

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