Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Water Baby

It's a good thing the pool is warm already.  That girl Rylan l.o.v.e.s it and you know I won't get in unless it's like bath water!  Didn't take long this year.

 Terrible picture but had to show off her cute suit... seriously.. Doesn't get any cuter than that! 

Now she's just flirting.... 

Reese is especially loving the water this season. She even went swimming in the lake!  We're hoping the bigs learn how to swim... time for Grandma to work her magic and get them out of those floaties!

Nothing says summer like swimming and snow cones....


"Mom. Mommy. Mommmmmy.  MOM!"  One time I counted as Reese called my name 47 times before I finally answered her.  Pretending like I don't hear them doesn't get them to stop. Distracting them doesn't get them to stop.  NOTHING gets them to stop!  Even though the sound of my name (mom, I mean) often sounds like fingernails on the chalkboard. No worse... like kids screaming on the McDonald's playground, there's nothing I love more than being a mom. 

Mother's day was like any other day... with hugs, kisses, tears, time-outs, tantrums, snuggles, and lots of "Mom" moments. 

So very blessed this Mother's Day!

Wagonning with Big E

Rylan loves to be outside.  She's not as crazy about the swing as Reese was... I think she'll be hanging out with Tucker and Chris while Reese and I go on the roller coasters.  But she loves riding in the wagon.  I love it that she has two cousins about the same age... she doesn't have to tag along with the bigs all the time. She and Easton had a play date at Grandma's...

 That boy needs a seat belt... think he might be a daredevil like Tucker!

Grandma kisses make everything all better... even when you have to get out of the wagon.

Rub a Dub - 3 in a Tub

Bath time has become quite the circus in the Tims' house!  Now that Rylan can sit up and crawl around, she often joins Reese and Tucker in the tub.  I'm usually soakin' wet when I'm done (Chris too when it's his turn) but we've got bath time down to a science.  Besides the scrubbin' we have a little fun too...

 Rylan usually has to come out first and throws a rip-roaring fit.  She's a fish just like the bigs!  She also enjoys brushing her teeth in the sink. 

Oh how I'm dreading the day that all the kids can't take a bath together... I'm all about efficiency!

Easter all Around

 Easter weekend was a full one this year.... church, family, blue bonnets, egg decorating, swimming in the rain, t-ball, egg hunting, and a petting zoo.  We were all pooped by the end of the weekend. 

We started the weekend off with a little t-ball followed by some forced family fun in the bluebonnets...

 Rylan decided to eat the blue bonnets... I spent the car ride home googling whether or not they are poisonous. 

 Haircuts much? 

They are either laughing and being silly together, or they are killing each other... there's no happy medium right now.

This year we went to Amber's church for their annual Easter egg hunt.  The kids got enough tootsie rolls and smarties to last until next Easter and had the best time in the petting zoo. 

This picture reminds me of our first petting zoo experience... when Reese got attacked by the giant goat.  She didn't do petting zoos for a very long time after that.  And look at her now... still thinks they stink, but she'll get right in there with them now!

It's just not Easter without dyed eggs... Reese and Emma colored most of the eggs this year.  The boys were just way too cool busy.

This is what the boys were busy doing while the girls did all the work.  Typical... this is where you'll find Tucker all summer long! 

Sunday after church we all went to my parents house for lunch.  We got in a few pictures right before the monsoon hit... uncooperative children make for great family photos.

This post is almost as long as our weekend!  I'm tired just looking at the pictures.  It was an exhausting weekend, but one complete with lots of family and fun. 

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