Monday, February 14, 2011

Conversations with the Kids

Now that the kids are talking more than 6th grade girls, I want to document everything they say.  Well, at least the funny things they say.   These posts won't always come with pictures and I realize things aren't nearly as funny when you read about them as when you hear them in person, but hopefully you'll get a little laugh out of some of our Conversations with the Kids...

Here's a conversation that happened at dinner when Reese leaned back like she was full as a tick (as Grandpa would say).

      Chris: "Are you comfortable?"
      Reese:  "No, I'm Reese Taylor Tims."

Tucker and I have this same conversation at least once a week...
      Tucker:  "I want cheese mommy."
      Me:  "Okay, in a few minutes."
      Tucker: "I want to cut the cheese."

Lots more fun conversations to come.  Gotta write them down before I forget them! 

Friday, February 11, 2011


Before the blizzard hit, we enjoyed an absolutely beautiful weekend... I'm talkin' a 70 degree, picnic at the park, then go to the Stock Show kind of a beautiful weekend.  We crammed way too much in but had a blast.  Grandma and Grandpa went to the Stock Show with us and enjoyed looking at all the "amnimals" with the kids. 

Since we decided to go on the same day as the rest of the Fort Worth wanna-be cowboys, it was pretty packed.  We did manage to make it through the crazy crowded children's barn though. Ducklings, a newborn calf, baby pigs, the works...

The highlight of the day was the pony rides.... and yes, even Reese saddled up!  The tent was red and I only had the point and shoot camera so unfortunately I got really crummy pictures.  You know I haven't mastered photo shop yet... so black and white is what you get. 

Yeehaw cowboys!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Much Fun

It's been a crazy winter... we had 4 snow days last week and we're working on our first one this week.  I remember loving them as a kid and rarely ever getting them.  Now I dread them as a parent and we're getting them all the time.  I know all you other moms out there totally understand when I say it is complete torture trying to entertain toddlers for 4 days when you are stuck inside.  I was pullin' out all the stops.  Luckily, it warmed up later in the week so we could finally go out and play.  Its definitely no fun playing in the snow when it's 9 degrees outside. 

The kids had been watching and waiting for days. 

Most of us had fun.  Tucker wasn't so sure. He's like his Daddy and totally HATES the cold.  We did manage to get him to play and laugh a little, but he would have been much happier inside where it was warm.  Reese surprised us all yet again... she loved the snow and could have spent all day outside! 

Reese was a professional snow angel-maker by the end of the day.
We went to Grandma and Grandpa's for the day and the whole crew played outside together.  The kids had a blast being pulled around by the four wheeler on an inner-tube. 

Grandpa took the kids back to see the cows... one of Tucker's favorite things to do. 

It was almost like riding a snow mobile. Almost.   The boys got stuck in the snow a few times but, of course that didn't stop them from playing.   

Even the big boys had fun throwing a few snowballs...  Grandpa stirred up a little snowball fight with Chris.

I'm pretty sure Tucker would be miserable if we lived in a place that had this to deal with all winter.  But for one day it was tolerable even for him.  I could handle a few more days of snow much fun... but it won't be long until I'm longing for the hot, sunny days at the pool. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Special Bond

As we wrapped up 2010... took down all the Christmas decorations and "rang in" the new year, I realized that it would be the last year for Reese and Tucker to be the only Tims kids in our house. While I'm excited about the new baby, it makes me wonder if it will change the special bond that the two of them have had for the past 2 1/2 years....
Sometimes they enjoyed snuggling up to each other for a much needed (on Mommy's part) nap...

 And other times they beat up on each other...

She could give Tucker the best "evil eye" ever!

They even went through the "no neck" phase at the same time. 

I've always loved it when I've caught them being sweet to each other.
As they've grown, it's been fun to see them really start playing together.. they love to wrestle and get into all kinds of trouble. They've become more than twins... they've become friends.

They've shared everything... birthdays, toys, snacks, fun times, sweet times, "kill each other" times, and have pretty much gone everywhere together.

Last week, Tucker was sick and had to stay home.  Reese probably asked me and Nana a hundred times where her brother was.  Even though they have their mean moments, they really do love each other so much. I hope that they'll continue to have their special bond even after the new baby arrives.

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