Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lake Time

We enjoyed some lake time with the family this weekend.  Reese and Tucker loved riding in the boat, swimming in the lake and being pulled in the inner tube.   

Since I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant, I stayed in the shade on land.... but the rest of the crew enjoyed some serious fun in the sun. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Swim (of the season)

Before the monsoon hit this week and temperatures dropped a good 40 degrees, the kids enjoyed the first swim of the season.  Nothing like a dip in the freezin' cold water to wrap up your Easter Weekend. 

At what age do you lose that "it doesn't matter how cold the water is... this is stinkin' fun" attitude?  Blue lips, goose bumps and uncontrollable shivers weren't enough to keep the kids from swimming last weekend. 

Can you believe this girl??  Swimming in the middle of the pool "all by herself"... unbelievable.  It makes me pray for the water to warm up so I can get in and play with her. 

This one just makes me smile... safety first. Looks like we have a fun summer ahead of us!
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