Friday, November 30, 2012

A Seussical Halloween

You know I love themes and coordinating outfits!  I got away with another coordinating Halloween... can't believe it.  Dr. Seuss was the theme. Well, that and cuteness. 

While it was fun to go with a bunch of friends, it made it impossible to get good pictures. The kids just wanted to run, play and get lots of candy... no time for pictures.

Some of my favorites... Caden in his Duck Dynasty beard, Wyatt lookin' all hulkly and Easton rockin' Where's Waldo like nobodies business. They were all so stinkin' cute.  They ran from house to house and had a blast!

My little Cat in the Hat acting like a kittie cat! 

 how ridiculously cute are these two? We gave them a sucker and they were good for miles.

Costumes kept them warm and can now serve as jammies. They'll also work for Storybook Character Day at school too.  Well played Tims.

Forced Family Fun Foto Shoot

We made arrangements to have Andrea take some family pictures this year during our annual Forced Family Fun activity at Hall's Pumpkin Farm.  You know it took me forever to get everyone all coordinating and cute and then it rained the entire way there.  I just knew we were going to be rained out and yet again fail at getting a frameable family picture.  It was a complete miracle... the last raindrop fell as we pulled into the parking lot and we had a blast and even got some great pictures too. 

After our photo shoot, the kids rode tractors, played on the playground and ate lots of kettle corn.  A huge THANKS to my BFF Andrea for taking our pictures.  She's recently started her own photography business called Rooted In Love Photography.  Check her out here

Here are a few of all our crazy kids together... hard to believe we're all grown up and have so much cuteness (times 6) to be proud of!

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