Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Pandemonium

I've been looking forward to fall for months now. Fall brings all the things I love... changing leaves, cooler weather, high school volleyball, candy corn, Halloween, and PUMPKINS!

I couldn't wait to take the family to a pumpkin patch. I'd planned it all out in my mind... the kids would run from pumpkin to pumpkin while dad and I watched and snapped pics to be showcased in their scrapbooks for years to come. Everyone would be happy and cooperative. Their first pumpkin patch experience would be perfect. Good one. Here's how it really played out... not even close to what I planned in my mind.

They weren't happy. They weren't cooperative. It was 4:00 and they hadn't had naps all day(long story). The lighting was terrible. The list goes on and on. As you can see, Chris and I were determined to have some family fun... but we were the only ones.
Despite the meltdowns and the huge knot Tucker got on his forehead an hour before picture time, we were able to get a few that are scrap worthy.

I don't look like I'm having fun, but I still give this place a thumbs up!

More than half way through the "shoot" I realized the camera was on some weird setting... that's why we look like smurfs in some of these. Not to worry though, it's nothing a little photo shop can't fix.

Our first visit to the pumpkin patch definitely falls into the forced family fun category, but of course, I'd do it all again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bite... Please

I'm sad to admit that I used to make fun of those parents who teach their kids sign language (sorry if you're one of them), because I always thought they looked crazy hitting themselves when they wanted something. But now I know exactly why they do it. SANITY. I don't think I'm ready to bust out the sign language book yet, but if I hear "Eh, Eh, Eh" one more time, I may need a padded room.

We're totally in that "I want it now, but don't know how to tell you" phase. Hate this phase... can't wait until they are talking in full sentences and I have to ask them to "catch a bubble" so I can have a minute to think. I know... be careful what you wish for, right?

Anyway, we're working really hard to teach the kids that grunting and pointing doesn't get them what they want... that they need to say "up" "down" "bite" "drink" "please" etc. Tucker isn't as anxious to talk as Reese, but he does particularly well if there's food involved.

Did you catch that? Bite... Please. Not to be confused with Bye... Cheese.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend with the Ladies

My baby sister is all grown up... she teaches 4th grade now and is about to get married. It's totally crazy because in my mind she's still 14 with braces. Time flies. This weekend, the Doyle women took off for a weekend of fun, relaxation (not really), and bridal portraits. We ate out, bonded, and got Amber all primped and looking beautiful for her pics. Talk about gorgeous... can't wait to see how they turned out.

Saturday night we ate at Toby Keith's. Good food, good music... boots and jeans not required.

After Amber got her hair and make up done on Sunday, we stopped for some grub. We had to get fueled up for the photo shoot.

Emma is a riot. She came with us and provided lots of entertainment... that girl is so funny! I can't wait until Reese is old enough to join us. The two of them together... watch out.

After lunch, we went downtown for Amber's portraits. The photographer was awesome and picked some really great locations. Sorry... you don't get to see pictures of that... gotta wait until the big day to see the bride in her dress.
So... after she was done, we went into this fancy hotel to get her changed. While we were in the bathroom, the Phoenix Suns checked in to the hotel. Why couldn't we have gotten there just a few minutes later? We totally would have made them take a picture with Amber... little wedding present if you will. As we were leaving, Dana noticed Steve Nash (used to play for the Mavs) chillin in the lobby. I ran back in and asked him to pose for a picture. I didn't even care that he was obviously talking to someone on his cell phone. I totally turned into that obnoxious fan who acts all crazy around the rich and famous. I'm sure I was seconds from being asked to leave the hotel. After all... we weren't even staying there. He was a great sport though... he put his call on hold and let me snap a few. I'm annoyed that I didn't get a good picture... I was all nervous and couldn't remember how to work my camera. Which makes absolutely no sense, because it's not like I keep up with the NBA. I was excited to bring a present home to my sweet husband though... thanks Chris for watching the kids this weekend. You're such a great dad! Sorry I didn't have a basketball on me for him to sign.

Thanks Steve... Go Suns!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I can't decide... Dennis the Menace or Spike from The Gremlins?? Either way, he looks mischievous. The stinkin' wind catches it every time. Poor guy needs some product so his mom will stop licking her fingers to get it to lay down.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Couldn't Be More Different

Just another illustration of how different Reese and Tucker are...

Reese climbs up in her rocking chair to read a good book.

Tucker on the other hand... likes to use it as a jungle gym.
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