Saturday, August 29, 2009

Say NO To Mullets

14 months. This is the age when a lot of kids are getting their first haircut. Unfortunately, Reese takes after her mommy, who was bald until she was 2. She started to get some hair several months ago, but it's still just fuzz. Until the locks come in, we'll just keep wearing our adorable headbands and bows.

Tucker, on the other hand, was born with hair... lots of blonde (almost white) hair. He lost a lot of it early on, but it's come back. Even still, he doesn't quite need a haircut yet... if only the hair on the top and sides of his head were as long as the back. My little boy was totally starting to get a
duck tail.

So, I had to do this ...

So he wouldn't start looking like this...

So... Tucker had his first "unofficial" haircut today. We'll go have a real cut when his hair fills in a little more. Until then... we're saying NO to mullets!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Makeshift Playpen

Sunday mornings can be kind of crazy at our house. Chris has to be at church early to practice with the praise band so that leaves me to get the rest of us ready. I usually get up early and get ready before he leaves, but not the day before school starts! I totally slept in this morning. Then I was rushing around like a crazy woman trying to figure out how to get ready with two rug rats running around under my feet. Don't judge me for what I did... because they totally loved it!

They got to play in Mama's tub with their clothes on. I put them in there with some toys and I was free to shower (I could see them through the glass of course), blow dry my hair, put on my makeup, etc. If I would have put them in a pack-n-play or something, they would have screamed to get out... but they were totally happy to play in the tub for an hour.

Now, I don't recommend this if: 1. your kids hate each other as someone could be seriously injured in this confined space, and 2. you don't have a garden/jacuzzi tub because regular tubs aren't deep enough and they could climb (or fall) right out.

We made it to church on time without any tears... and that's a miracle!

Splish Splash

We went to Houston to visit Grammy and Grandpa; one last trip before school starts. Or should I say, "before football starts?" My Friday nights will be spent at the football field for about the next 5 months, so our weekend trips will be few and far between. The kids enjoyed playing in the pool while we were there. Tucker loved the slide... feet first, head first... it didn't matter. And Reese had fun pushing the side of the pool down to let all the water run out. They are so different!

Good Job!

After being out of town for Aunt Carrie's funeral, going to Houston two weekends in a row, and working like maniacs trying to get ready for school to start, the laundry was totally taking over our house. I almost decided not to go school shopping after seeing all the clothes we have. You caught the "almost" right. I could never give up the opportunity to do a little shopping.

Anyway, I Hate (with a capital H) laundry! Reese and Tucker, however, seem to quite enjoy it. And that makes it more bearable for me...

As you can see, she was quite proud of the "good job" she was doing! Now Tucker, on the other hand, isn't really into helping. He's a typical boy and would much rather just play with Dad during laundry time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Take the Boy to the Beach...

... and he eats the sand! That's my boy... the kid who eats dirt (sand). I guess I shouldn't have been surprised since he pretty much puts everything in his mouth these days. He couldn't get enough of it... you'd have thought it was ice cream or something. Totally disgusting.

Well, after buying the land this summer, we decided that we really couldn't take a big family vacation... so we decided to "staycate" and do some fun things locally. We loaded up (and you can imagine how long that takes with two babies) and went to the beach yesterday. Unfortunately, by the time we got there a crazy storm came in and we found ourselves in a torrential downpour. Not a fun day at the beach. But because I was determined to have some family fun this weekend (after Chris being out of town all last week), we tried again today.

Is it really a beach if it's not at the ocean?? Well it is if you're at Granbury Lake. Granbury has created it's own little beach on the edge of the lake... complete with sand, tiki huts, a splash park, etc. They even went so far as to make sure the sand extended all the way into the swimming area. Thank you for that... I could actually get in the water without being totally grossed out by slimy plants growing under my feet.

Anyway, the kids didn't know the difference between this beach and one we would have paid tons of money to go to in Florida. Apart from the sand-eating incident, it was a successful day. Family fun was had by all!

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