Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Planes and a Bus

Reese, Rylan and I took off for a long weekend with Grandma last month. We hadn't been back to Michigan to see the family in a couple years and this made for a great girls weekend. Reese was so excited to tell everyone that she got to go on two planes and a bus (a Hertz bus that is). 

Reese was an unbelievably good flier... really unexpected since we took the red-eye on the way there.  She was happy to sit and color/draw, read books, etc. 

It was so fun to get to see everyone...

Mom & Aunt Rose
Aunt Vanessa and her beautiful daughter Brianna
The Dailey Men... Uncle Jeff, Cousins Justin and Brett
Me, Mom and Rose
Handsome little (but not so little anymore) Cousin Trevor
Granny, Vanessa and Mom
Reese being silly with Cousin Kelsey

Aunt Dee lovin' on Reese. She was totally spoiled by everyone! It was really fun to see Reese open up to everyone.  She used to be so shy... not anymore.  She worked her way through everyone on this trip, being careful to get each one to play with her. What can I say? She had to be fair.  
Reese gettin' in some quality coloring with Granny.

Aunt Amy and sweet Cousin Ian lovin' on Rylan
Reese had so much fun playing with Ian, Brooke and Natalie!

All the kids love Cousin Kelsey... she and Justin and Brett were so sweet to come home from college to visit us.
Granny with the girls... love this one!

After spending a few days with Granny and all of Dad's side of the family, we drove a couple hours to see Mom's side...
Mom, Aunt Marianne and Aunt Pat

Reese loved playing with Uncle Curt... they had a really silly time together! 

This was exactly what I needed after only being off for 6 weeks with Rylan.  The family had a lot of adjustments to make with a new baby, the start of the school year, mom back to work and the kids in school.  It was nice to take a long weekend to just get away and relax.  We'll have to make these girls trips a regular thing! 
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