Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

We had fun making the kids' valentine cards again this year.  Of course I stole the ideas from pinterest, but they were still so stinkin' cute.  Their principal took a picture of them with her phone and I caught her showing all the other principals at our meeting the other day.  I love that she loves them so much! 

We started with a couple pictures outside...

Then I added the little message...

Then we stuck the suckers in...
They were a big hit!  I can't believe this terrible cell phone picture is the only one I have of the finished products. I didn't even make an extra for the scrapbook.  What's happening to me?
Poor Rylan didn't get to make a valentine card this year.  She just gets left out of everything.  I know I'm going to hear about it later.  She says "Happy Valentine's Day" too! 

Our Little Gymnast

Reese said she wanted to do gymnastics about a year ago so we went and gave it a whirl.  It's a good thing they let you try it for free because she sat and wouldn't talk to anyone or participate in anything.  Needless to say, we decided to try again when she was a little older.  One year later, here we are...

This just might turn my little "miss priss" into an athlete after all.  jumping, flipping, spinning, turning, stretching, etc..  She's already getting more coordinated.  And losing a little of her baby fat too. ha!
Backflips on the yellow wedge are fun! 

Someday soon she'll be flipping over these things, instead of just hanging upside down like a monkey. 

She just graduated to the next class up, so I guess I have to go buy those leotards that she wants now.  I'm sure Rylan will be out there with our little gymnast before we know it! 

Biker Kids

The kids got bikes for Christmas from grandma and grandpa and they LOVE them! It was FREEZING on Christmas but they were determined  to ride...

 Reese needed a little "hands on" from Grandma, but then she was off all on her own!

 Tucker took off and wanted to "stand up" and pedal just like Caden!  Don't run out in front of these kids - can't get them to look where they are going... gotta concentrate on what the feet are doing. 

Since then, we've been blessed with lots of 70 degree Sundays so they've been riding like crazy. 

Sidewalks, streets, grass.  They'll ride anywhere.  Can't believe they are already this big.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christmas Eve

My Christmas posts are all out of order... that's what happens when you try to blog with 3 kids running around you. 

We had fun with our Elf Dobby, visiting Santa and all the commercial parts of Christmas.  But the best part was reading the Christmas story and seeing the kids really understand what Christmas was all about. 

We went to the Christmas Eve Service that was complete with snow this year.  Then we spent the evening at mom's house... all together - eating, making cookies and all kinds of fun family stuff.

 We went to Amber's church for the Christmas Eve Service.  When it started snowing in the sanctuary, Reese said, "That's not snow... that's soap."  Can't pull anything over on her.  The kids were less than cooperative for Christmas pictures at church this year.  But I still tried. 

We got a couple more at Grandma's house...

 This one makes me laugh out loud.  Reese said she wanted to take a picture with Easton.  Since he wasn't there, she grabbed his picture and insisted that I take the picture.

After tamales and other yummy Mexican grub, the kids all made cookies for Santa.  Not sure anyone else would want to eat the cookies though... all kinds of finger-lickin' going on. 

Even Rylan decorated a cookie for Santa this year.

Merry Christmas!  Can't wait to see what Santa brought us!
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