Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lil' Ducky Turns One

How are we celebrating Rylan's first birthday already?  Seems like just yesterday Chris locked his keys in the running car in the parking garage at the hospital while I was in labor with Rylan.  She's one now but doesn't seem like it at all... she has no teeth, isn't really interested in walking and will snuggle with you all day.  I'm convinced she's content to stay a baby forever.  And that's totally okay with me. 

We celebrated with a pink and yellow duck party at Trinity Duck Pond.  It was fun to finally get to do something pink!  My best friend, Andrea took all these pictures for me... thanks girl! They're way better than what I would have taken. 

The kids all got to feed the ducks, play frisbie and blow bubbles.  The boys were happy to just run around the park chasing each other though.

We had the typical picnic food... sandwiches, chips, watermelon, pineapple, lemonade, etc.  Everything was pre-packaged and covered so we could keep the crazy flies away.  Pinterest... you complete me.

Rylan was a hoot! She waited patiently smiling while we sang happy birthday to her and then she devoured her cupcake.

The ducks were "friendly"... they came right up to us and snapped at us until we gave them food.  Rylan was very curious.  The other kids all had fun feeding the ducks too. 

Rylan and her bestie, Landry, had fun playing and laughing together. 

 These three could get in some serious trouble if they spent too much time together.

Happy Birthday Rylan Tate!  We love you sweet girl! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firecracker Fourth on the Lake

We celebrated the Fourth on the lake this year... tubing, fishing, barbecue, and fun fireworks!  Lovin' that the Gparents now live on the lake.

 Rylan was not crazy about having to wear her life jacket... first boat ride was a beat down!  She's getting better though... trying to get her used to it so I can actually have some fun on the boat too. 

 Chris and the kids had fun on the tube.  I went off and left my suit at home.  Who does that?  Who goes to the lake without their bathing suit?  I guess the mom who has to pack for 4 (I mean 3) kids. 

 Tucker decided he wanted the tube all to himself.  The boy has no fear... he loved it and kept telling grandpa to go faster.
 Rylan always sleeps so well when we go to the lake... this girl is getting worn out this summer.

The kids like to swim in the lake as much as they like to go tubing... Tucker especially likes to run and jump off the dock.  Happy Fun Fourth of July!

Reading Hour

Summertime brings lots of fun and lots of restless children.  Reese and Tucker are used to going to school and having crazy military-like structure.  So you can imagine what my house can be like in the summer if we are home all day.  They are bouncing off the walls and running around like wild Indians.  Tucker especially.  That boy needs a playground about twice a day. 

For my sanity, I started a Reading Hour among a few other structured activities throughout the day.  Here are the rules:

1.  You pick the books you want to "read."
2.  You must be quiet and still (not silent, but at least library-type voices).
3.  You must be on your nap mat (or at least near it).
4.  You must "read" until the timer goes off.  If you finish the books you have, you must pick out more.
5.  You must put your books and nap mat away when Reading Hour is over. 

Tucker informed me that he couldn't read... a lame attempt to get out of Reading Hour today.  I encourage them to use their imaginations and make a up stories to go with the pictures at least until they learn how to read this year. What?  They are 4 now... I should expect them to learn to read this year right?!

Reese had a much bigger pile of books to go through than Tucker.  She was eating up every minute of Reading Hour today.

Tucker kept asking me when the timer was going to go off and preferred to play "superman" with his book.  Gonna have to train this boy.

Rylan did Pilates while she read...

And a little peek-a-boo....

The best part about Reading Hour... Mom gets to read too! Love it! We've started at 30 minutes which was not nearly long enough for Reese but a tortuously long time for Tucker. My goal is to be up to an actual HOUR by the end of the summer (well, by the end of the 3 weeks I get off in the summer). We'll see how that goes... but we're off to a pretty good start.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Who's Your Daddy

 When Chris and I were dating, he wrote me a song.  Actually he wrote a few but the first one he ever wrote me was nothing like what I expected.  I thought it was going to be this sweet, romantic love song so I wasn't prepared when he busted out his guitar and starting singing the blues to me.  The song was called "Who's your Daddy?" Needless to say, this girl never called him Daddy as requested in the song.  I did get it out again when I told him we were pregnant with Reese and Tucker though.  Finally, he would have someone to call him Daddy. 
Now he has 3 calling him that and there are days when he wants to change his name.

Chris is a great Daddy.  No one can make Reese laugh like him.  Rylan has started joining in to his nightly wrestling matches and Tucker recently begged me to cut all his hair off just like Daddy's. They all adore him! 

Thanks for being such a great Dad!  Love you! Happy Father's Day!

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