Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Electric Slide

We've been so blessed to have some beautiful Sunday afternoons this winter. We've enjoyed riding bikes and playing on the playground. I've said this before but I feel like Rylan has the best of both Reese and Tucker's personalities. She's friendly and fearless like Tucker, and confident and independent like Reese. She has some qualities all her own too... she's got to be the sweetest, snuggliest girl alive! I kept fearing that it would go away as she got older, but so far so good! Just last night, Tucker went in and turned on her light in the middle of the night (long story) and woke her up. I didn't mind so much because she wanted to snuggle with me all night. Every time I stopped tickling her back she would wiggle and say "tickle" in her sweet little voice. While I don't miss the 3 am feedings, I do miss our snuggle time!

Anyway, I say all that because she is also like Reese when it comes to twisty slides... that girl could slide all day long. You can tell from her hair that she pretty much did!

Now that's what you call the "Electric Slide!" 

 Rylan wasn't the only one loving our Sunday afternoon playtime...
 At first I thought "Awww look at Rylan holding Tucker's hand." Then I realized she was really just trying to get him to get his hand off of her. Hey, a mother can dream can't she?! 

 The slides aren't the only things we like at the part... we enjoy climbing and monkeying around too!

We're SOOO ready for Spring it hurts!!! 
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