Sunday, December 30, 2012

White Christmas

Only in Texas can you have a White Christmas after it being 75 degree five days before that! 

Hopefully this is a sign that we'll have more snow this season... when we're all well enough to go out and really play in it.  So far our vacation has been full of, runny noses, cough medicine, breathing treatments, doctor visits, fevers, the works.  We went from one sick kid on Christmas, to three by New Years. 

One week left of vacation... hopefully we'll all be well enough to enjoy it! 

The Nice List

Well, we weren't sure for a while, but the kids ended up on Santa's nice list after all.  They had more than enough to unwrap this year.  We've been working on being grateful.  It paid off... I think we only heard "do I have another one?" a few hundred times. 

We had some very excited little kids...

Santa wraps everything at our house... even the stocking suffers.  That's the way he did it when I was growing up, so that's how he does it now.  More to unwrap... makes the fun last longer.   

Reese is really into Lalaloopsy right now... she got several fun things to add to her collection. 

Tucker has been asking for a basketball and finally got one.  He cried when he didn't get a skateboard though.  We reminded him that Santa knows just what to get you.  At my parents house later, he opened his very own skateboard and pads.  It was the hit of his Christmas! 

We're still using the skinny tree that we started using when the kids were little to keep them out of the tree.  I think its time to bust out the big one next year!  Although, this one does come down in like 10 minutes.  I love that part! 

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours! Hope you've had as blessed a year as we have!

A Very Pinterest Christmas

It was way past time to put the kids in big kid beds... poor things were still in their toddler beds.  Since we decided to stay in our house a little longer, it was time for kids' extreme home make-over. Pinterest style.

We wanted it to be a Christmas surprise, so my mom kept the kids for a few days before Christmas.  Chris and I had been working on projects for the rooms for about a month, but needed some time to get everything set up.  His parents came over and spent hours helping us get everything put together!

I love how handy my hubby is.  I showed him a couple loft beds that I found on Pinterest and he went to work building them.  He did such an amazing job!! 

 Yes, that's a rope coming out of the ceiling.  Praying we don't end up in the ER because of that one!

Santa brought the kids their comforters and their rooms were blocked off when they woke up on Christmas morning.  It was really fun to see how surprised they were when we went into the rooms!

The kids have tons more room to play now and we can officially get all the toys out of the family room!  Reese was so excited to finally have a "pink" room!  No more boys stuff in her room. 
Tucker is enjoying having his own space... a place to play with his Legos and marbles without me nagging him to keep them away from Rylan. 
Now to just get Rylan to stay in her new big girl bed.  We'll see how long that transition takes! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Parade of Lights

The day after Thanksgiving begins the Christmas Rush and we wasted no time joining in the festivities this year!  We went to the Parade of Lights in Granbury with Grammy, Grandpa and all the cousins.  A little Babe's Chicken started the night off right and it ended with Santa Clause coming to town.

That's a lot of toddlers... and we're even missing 2! 

The kids had fun snuggling and looking at all the floats.  They didn't complain about the candy being thrown their way either. 

Santa lit all the lights in the park and we took a stroll with the other 2 thousand people that were there to look at them.  It was cold... unlike today - 78 degrees... something wrong with that 5 days before Christmas. 
The kids enjoyed playing with the Houston cousins, decorating Grammy's tree and exchanging presents!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Screaming Santa Picture

The kids talked about going to see Santa for weeks.  Reese practiced what she was going to tell him she wanted for Christmas over and over.  I think she knew how nervous she was going to be.  Unfortunately, she wouldn't even look at him.  I was so sad for her b/c she knew exactly what was on her list: new bed, blanket, high heels, phone, lipstick.  She wouldn't talk to Santa but she also wouldn't let us leave until I told him what she wanted.  She's come a long way, but she's still the shy one. 

Tucker went right up and jumped on Santa's lap.  He drew a blank and only told Santa he wanted a basketball for Christmas.  Good thing Santa always knows!  The rest of his list included:  skateboard, bicycle, remote control car

I knew Rylan was going to freak at when we put her on his lap, but I had to do it.  Everyone needs at least one crying Santa picture... and boy did we get one...

 I love how Tucker took care of Reese.  He could tell she was nervous and tried to encourage her that it was okay; that Santa was nice and had good candy canes. 

Once again... Tucker's the only one smiling.  Easton didn't cry, but just kept looking at Santa like "who is this crazy guy" and Rylan wouldn't stop screaming. 

Good times! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Hayride

Grandma and Grandpa surprised everyone this year with a Thanksgiving Hayride.  Grandpa hitched up the trailer to the old John Deer and Grandma made it all cute and cozy. 

You know I love photo opps and this was a perfect one!  I had about a hundred shots and totally lost them all... how does that happen?  I was so annoyed, but glad that I was able to get a few of the kiddos from the fam...

The kids were so excited... couldn't wait to ride through the pasture and see the animals. 

Grandpa was a huge hit... anytime the kids get to ride the tractor, it's a fun day! 

 We relaxed, laughed, acted silly and just spent time together as a family
I love that we are starting a new family tradition!  One that the kids will grow up and tell their kids about! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Seussical Halloween

You know I love themes and coordinating outfits!  I got away with another coordinating Halloween... can't believe it.  Dr. Seuss was the theme. Well, that and cuteness. 

While it was fun to go with a bunch of friends, it made it impossible to get good pictures. The kids just wanted to run, play and get lots of candy... no time for pictures.

Some of my favorites... Caden in his Duck Dynasty beard, Wyatt lookin' all hulkly and Easton rockin' Where's Waldo like nobodies business. They were all so stinkin' cute.  They ran from house to house and had a blast!

My little Cat in the Hat acting like a kittie cat! 

 how ridiculously cute are these two? We gave them a sucker and they were good for miles.

Costumes kept them warm and can now serve as jammies. They'll also work for Storybook Character Day at school too.  Well played Tims.
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