Friday, July 29, 2011

1 Month

How has it already been a month since Rylan was born?  Love this girl SO MUCH!!  She's sweet and snuggleeee, easy to calm down when she's upset, and starting to get a little personality. 

 Most people haven't heard her cry much, so I threw this one in to prove that it does happen! 

Reese and Tucker are constantly making us laugh, but this girl might just be the comedian of the family... with all her crazy faces.




A little surprised

Bored and really tired of taking pictures.

And some more sweetness!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Surviving the Summer Heat

It's unbearably hot and we're avoiding the outdoors at all costs.  The only way to tolerate it is to be totally soaking wet... and not in a sweaty kind of way.
Swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's is a family favorite this summer.  The kids have turned into little fish... jumping off the diving board, swimming around all on their own.  Being in the pool is so much more fun when you don't have two toddlers hanging all over you!  I love that they're independent in the pool now. 

The kids have also enjoyed their water table and playing in the sprinkler to stay cool.  Uncle Brian was so sweet to get all this set up for the kids to play in the sprinkler at their house last week.  They LOVED it!  

 Boo to the Texas Heat... but yeah for lots of summer water fun! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brotherly & Sisterly Love

We weren't exactly sure what to expect from Reese and Tucker when Rylan arrived.  We'd been preparing them for her arrival for months.  But you just never know what two 3-year olds will do when their world is completely turned upside down. 

Tucker has seemed mostly unphased by the arrival of a new sister. Reese, on the other hand, is giving us a run for our money.  She's been bullying Tucker, totally challenging us, and throwing some level 5 fits.  Things are starting to settle down now that it's just the 5 of us at home and we're getting back into some sort of routine.  But she's still our challenging one.

Thank goodness they both LOVE their baby sister though!  They are so sweet to her and want to love on her and help mommy every chance they get.

They came and loved on her in the hospital each day...

The kids are so proud of their new baby sister... they even told the check out lady at Walmart all about her the other day! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rub a Dub

We gave Rylan her first official bath last week.  Reese and Tucker were right there to help so it was a family affair!
She wasn't so sure at first, but then settled in and loved it...

Reese and Tucker wanted to jump into the sink with her... as you can tell by the chubby toes at the top of the picture...

After a few minutes, she decided it was pretty relaxing and decided to sit back and enjoy!

The kids totally love their baby sister and want to help with everything!  They can't wait until Rylan can jump in the bathtub with them! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's it Gonna BEE?

My wonderful sisters, mom, sister-in-law, and best friend threw me the cutest baby shower in June.  I made it a little difficult on them since we didn't know what we were having, but they came up with THE CUTEST THEME EVER!! 
They totally went above and beyond throwing me a wonderful shower even though this is my third baby!  Love those girls... and SO appreciate all they did to make this pregnancy as special as my first!

What's it Gonna Bee? So cute! Loved all the cute decorations! 

Look at this amazing cake that my sister Amber made!  She's becoming quite the pastry chef these days!  It was adorable and tasted SOOO good!! 

 Loved these adorable party favors too.... and totally yummy!

Emma and Reese were big helpers and had fun checking out BaBee Tims' goodies.  Thanks to all my family and friends for this special event!!  It was so generous and tons of fun! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

June Seventeen

Being so pregnant and miserable during the month of June, I decided it would be wise to have Reese and Tuckers 3rd birthday party a little early this year.  Three weeks early to be exact.  I am SO glad I did!  They didn't mind... although I think we thoroughly confused them because they learned that their birthday was on June SevenTEEN (as they would say) and that's not when we had their party.  This way they got to celebrate twice though... they weren't complaining.

We hosted our 3rd Annual Splish Splash Birthday Bash.  If I were more creative (and not so pregnant) I may have done something different this year.  But let's face it... swim parties are easy and fun.

All the cousins came to swim, play, eat and celebrate with us.

According to Tucker, it's not a party without Watermelon!  That boy can't get enough!

Grandpa bought Tucker a Louisville Slugger with his name engraved on it.  He immediately wanted to go hit some balls.  He didn't quite understand the whole "keepsake" idea. 

 How are they 3 years old already?  We are definitely in the terrible three's!  They are testing the limits, throwing fits, fighting with each other... the whole works.  It's a good thing they are so stinkin' cute... otherwise we might be ready to send them back! 

She's not sassy or anything.  She starts every day asking for a pretty dress and a pretty bow.  Rylan will have a bunch of brand new shorts and shirts to wear when she's 3.  Reese refuses to wear anything but a dress these days. 

The birthday was a start to a great summer... one filled with lots of swimming, time with family and the arrival of a new baby sister. We've been blessed in this blistering heat! 

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