Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Ladybug

Hard to believe Rylan is two already!  She's by far been the easiest of the three and I often joke about how she got the best of both Reese and Tucker's traits.   She's got Tucker's out-going, friendliness and Reese's silly side.  She quite the talker but we're not sure she speaks English.  The girl speaks in paragraphs but we are lucky to catch one or two of her words.  Sometimes the kids can translate for her but most of the time we just nod and say "really" or "I know" when she talks.  Love this little lady bug and had a fun picnic at the park to celebrate...

 All her family and friends came out to play and celebrate her big day...

Amber made the yummy cake again this year... turned out so cute!  I'm pretty sure it's bigger than her! 

 She had so much fun opening all her presents.  Reese was right there to assist.

 They both have the best "excited"  I love how little it takes to get them excited... too bad it all changes as they get older.  Limited are the days that they get excited over dollar store toys. 


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