Friday, November 8, 2013

Kinder Here We Come

How can they be 5 years old already??  The kids started round one of Kindergarten this fall and they were crazy excited.  We decided to split them up this year to see if it helped with all the arguing that's been going on in our house.  We'll see if that makes them miss each other so much that they magically becoming kind and loving to each other all the time. 

Of course we started preparing them months ahead of time and here are a few things they mentioned when we talked about school: 
Tucker said,  "I don't know if it's going to be fun.  We will only get to go to recess one time everyday."

Reese said, "Well, I'm not excited about the homework." 

This mama managed to get through the first morning without any tears.  I wish I could say that about all the mornings since.  It's been somewhat of a struggle in the mornings... these kids are wiped out!

Quick side story on Tucker....
The kids ride the shuttle bus to my school everyday and I have a high school student babysit them until I am done working.  One day Tucker decided he didn't want to ride the bus so he walked to my school.  Yep, you read that right... my 5 year old walked himself to my school - through a parking lot where teenagers park their cars.  Could. Have. Been. Killed.  Of course I freaked out and punished him for days.  I even made him look at pictures of missing kids on the Internet to scare him.  He just asked me "Are all the kids on your computer missing?"  Really?  Someday his confidence, fearlessness and independence are doing to be great qualities, but right now they just scare me to death. 

Praying we all survive this year. 

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