Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Day in the Big Leagues

Every year there is a baseball clinic held at Ranger Stadium, and this year Tucker got an invitation to attend.  Since Caden is a big baseball stud, we invited him to go too.  The boys had fun pretending they were in the big leagues, while mom sat in the stands terribly afraid that Tucker would drop his pants and go to the bathroom in the middle of Ranger Field (this is currently an issue we're having... Gotta go? Go wherever).  Luckily, they were prepared for the little guys and had lots of potty breaks.  The boys had a blast....

 The bat may have been a tad big for Tucker... of course he didn't care.  Notice that the boys are wearing socks?  We totally didn't get the memo that they wouldn't be allowed to wear their cleats on the field so they had to play in their socks.  Won't make that mistake again next year!

They gave the boys a goodie bag including a Ranger hat, t-shirt, baseball cards, a foam finger, etc.  Plus they fed them some famous Ranger dollar dogs for lunch and they got to go through the dugout and get autographs.
He keeps asking when we can go to a Ranger game... guess we'll have to start taking an annual trip to the ballpark! 

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